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Deadly intrigues

Tia Adam investigates

From analogue state television to teleshopping and life advice on private channels: “Deadly Intrigue” allows media worlds to collide, but not only - it is also life and generational worlds that at first glance appear to be not very compatible.


Deadly intrigue - Tia Adam investigates

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Diversum Verlag

360 pages, approx. CHF 19.90


ISBN 978-3-9524753-4-8

Now available in all bookstores and Valora kiosks

Haymo Empl with “Tödliche Intrigen” on TV

When angels...

...kissing shooting stars, then it's Christmas

Christmas anthology 2020

The third volume contains 24 Christmas stories that revolve around the Holy Night, charity, winter miracles, angels and stars.


Stories to think about, read aloud, dream about. Sometimes nostalgic, but also funny, contemplative. Lots of old and new Christmas stories from Switzerland, the country where angels kiss shooting stars.

When angels...

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Paulus Publishing House


232 pages, hardcover

approx. CHF 29.80


Now available in all bookstores

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Deadly intrigues

Tia Adam investigates

Tia Adam (55), a long-time television chef on state television, loves her audience, which she can describe almost down to the smallest lifestyle habits (age, preferences, level of education included). Nowadays, however, that is no longer enough to generate viewership within reasonable limits, which is why the station provides her with a social media expert, the young Tarek Alfarsi (25), who can add a little momentum to her non-existent media profile should. Because even a state broadcaster cannot afford to have viewers gradually disappear from a program. Tia Adam is having a hard time accepting this new side of her job.

The other side of the colorful media world is a little weirder and more colorful, but also more superficial and perhaps even more questionable. Because television fortune teller Tim Stein (42) reaches deep into his bag of tricks to offer viewers (expensive) life help as a clairvoyant with his crystal ball.

And then of course the promises in the typical teleshopping format, presented here by Dana Zwergner, a one-hit wonder ruin who is still hoping for a restart of her career and is financially afloat by marketing various products via TV holds.

Trash, irony and depth

In his novel, Haymo Empl is based on the structure of an ancient hero's journey in which the characters  each experience ups and downs (initially more downs) in order to ultimately emerge stronger from the whole situation. The three of them find strength above all in their emerging friendship, so they go from being lone fighters to a team in which one of them supports the concerns of the other. Something that is no longer a given in today's society.

Nevertheless, the reader doesn't have to be afraid of being taken too seriously, because you quickly notice that a lot of things are not taken very seriously. It starts with Tia's "Seven Bean Salad" (who on earth can name more than four types of beans off the top of their head without stuttering?) and doesn't end with any references to trash TV series like "The Rookie".

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